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Pat Bo


December 2023



Continuing our collaboration with Pat Bo, we embarked on a new project in Miami, crafting striking paper flowers adorned with elements from designer Patricia Bonaldi's dresses. Carefully selecting embroidered details from previous collections, we seamlessly integrated them with our blooms to accentuate their beauty. With about 40 flowers in various colors, our team dedicated 90 hours to the project, meticulously dyeing each flower to match dress designs.
For our most creative project yet, we fused our flowers with cut-up pieces of dresses for the grand opening installation. It was bittersweet parting with the dresses, but we adorned our petals with them for everlasting glory! The concept is truly beautiful, with window decorations embodying the brand's DNA. The flowers turned out marvelous, perfectly complementing the collection, and we are thrilled with the outcome!

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